[Impounded Vehicle] Black Comet

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[Impounded Vehicle] Black Comet

Post by Francois Ferreria » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:25 am

Impound Report

Staff Information
Name : Francois Ferreira
Rank: Senior Cadet
Badge Number: 007
Run Date:03/01/2018

Vehicle Information

Vehicle Name : Comet
Vehicle Type : Sport
Plate Number : - Bumper copot
Vehicle Color : Black
Reason : Failure to following parking method and Miss Plate
Penal Code Print :
(A). 01 - Failure to following parking method
Vehicle will be impounded or suspended
You must pay $200.00 to release this vehicle

Vehicle Picture :Image
Vehicle faults evidence :Image
Image #007 Assistant Head of Service Francois Ferreira
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